About Vanessa Warren-DeMott


Meet Vanessa


As a North Jeffco native, I wanted to share a little bit about me, my family, and why I have a passion to represent our district at the Capitol. I met my husband Dave in 8th grade at Mandalay Middle School. Today, we own our first home in Westminster where our four children all attend Jeffco Public Schools. I have had the opportunity to volunteer in our community from PTA, Police and Fire, to non-profits. Serving with brilliant individuals in these organizations has given me the opportunity to hear collaborations, solutions, and policy around topics such as child advocacy, foster care, school safety, and mental health. I have in the past and currently work for a small business owner and see the networks of chambers and advisory committees it takes to have thriving and profitable businesses. 

Currently, I am also a full-time student at Front Range Community College where I plan to graduate in Spring 2020 with an Associate in Arts and Humanities. My focus in Applied Psychology has many roots from my own childhood trauma to a larger scale of community and school safety. I plan to continue my education locally and hope you will see why my focus will help create discussion around mental health in our communities. 



Being the youngest of four girls, I grew up fighting for one of two bathrooms in a working-class home in North Arvada. I learned early in life that hard work was necessary, nothing was given, nothing should be taken for granted. I watched my dad struggle with alcoholism and the affects it had on my family. At age 16, I learned I voice to change my situation. At the time, it cost me my privacy, some family, and my childhood. But now it gives my freedom, my passion, and my purpose. 



Unfortunately, my story is not unique – and that is why I am here. As a parent, I know there are gaps in accessing mental health for teenagers who are trying to understand and deal with the angst of possible active shooters in their schools, violence, social media, and AP classes that seem to never end. I am not perfect; I am a high school dropout – 20 years later getting my first diploma. I am not a career politician with an agenda, I am a mother who understands that these issues facing us, and our children are non-partisan. I am For The People.